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Our Treehouse Program

Our Treehouse Program

Secluded on ten acres of majestic oak, awe-inspiring evergreens, and highlighted by a tranquil stream, all youth will be  welcomed to our treehouse village retreat, where they will discover a day of adventure, relaxation, learning life skills, and healing, as they explore a world of natural wonder they may have never known before.

Each treehouse has a specific theme and activity designed to increase self-worth and creativity, promote human and planet health, and enhance a natural feeling of purpose.

Our Treehouse Activities

  • Imagination Treehouse - Artistic free self-expression using organic forest materials.

  • Human and Planet Health Treehouse Using culinary therapy to experience the concept of food as medicine, along with an indigenous instructor using hands-on learning of planet health.


  • Music Treehouse - Laid-back, joyful exploration of music using instruments, singing, and dance.


  • The Barn Treehouse - Fun and healing interaction with animals.


  • Forest Fitness Treehouse - Hands-on education, connecting body, mind and spirit.

Other Activites

  • Forest Therapy Walks - Nature connection with a certified guide.

  • Tree Climbing Exploring the tree canopy with a certified guide.

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